For the automated distribution of garments

We introduce you to the automated distribution of garments. The CHIPTEX U-Cab is already an appealing solution for organizations consisting of 30 employees or more. The CHIPTEX U-Cab is a compact and modular system for the collection and distribution of workwear. The garments are distributed anonymously, but during the process of distribution labelled temporarily with a personal UHF RFID chip.

Users enjoy more flexibility and will always have access to workwear. They are no longer dependent on opening hours. The CHIPTEX U-Cab provides workwear collection and distribution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inappropriate use and loss are therefore minimized.

The system is very easy to use; The user logs in with an ID badge or digital access key and selects the desired items accessible to the user by following and choosing from the pictographs on the colour touchscreen. The system will subsequently unlock a compartment from which the user can take their items. After locking the compartment all RFID tags are scanned again. Items that have been taken unauthorised or in excess are reported. The credit system ensures that users cannot take clean garments without returning dirty laundry. This way you are in control over the stock and the process.

The collection process does not require an ID badge. The user only has to deposit their garments in one of the collection depots. The system detects the garments and registers them in the database. The collection depot comes in different models and is located centrally or linked to a distribution depot.

Loading the system is fast and easy. It generates an overview showing which items need to be restored in order to reach the optimal stock size. One or more item/size combinations are defined per compartment. The operator opens and loads a compartment with garments. The system scans the new stock. Incorrect items are detected immediately and signalled on the screen. After loading the system it is instantly ready for distribution.

The default model consists of four elements with each four compartments. Each compartment can contain one or more items. The RFID equipment in the default model is supplied with a 7-inch screen. The storage unit consists of compartments, taking up 80 x 60 cm of surface area with a height of 210 cm. You can place the systems wherever you like, thanks to the sharp-looking design.

The capacity of the default model can be expanded with a collection depot(s) for dirty laundry or additional storage compartments. The expansion units are supplied ready for deployment and including wiring. An additional default model is required from 32 storage compartments onwards.

In addition to monitoring distributed garments, collected garments are also registered. The system monitors whether garments taken by users are also being returned. Monitoring of the laundry service on whether they have returned the supplied laundry is also possible.

The system is supplied with the CHIPTEX software solution. Workwear management can be done internally or can be outsourced to your laundry service. The CHIPTEX software platform allows you to control and get an insight in your workwear management. No more unpleasant surprises in your budget due to workwear loss or theft.