Space-efficient distribution on 1 m²

The CHIPTEX-OSL is a system for the distribution of folded garments. Besides garments, the system is also suitable for the distribution of clogs, gloves or other items. This system requires very little surface area, and 1 m² is enough to store 240 garments. The capacity can always be increased by connecting additional units. The scalable setup makes the system viable from 50 users or more.

The compartment sizes are adjustable, because different items can be distributed by the CHIPTEX-OSL. The system has 8 levels. The size of the compartment can vary per level.

The system identifies the articles based on the RFID tags. This way you always have an overview of where the garments are located: in the system, at the laundry service or with the user. You can also see which and how many garments are in the employee’s possession. The system also works without RFID. Clogs or other items such as gloves, hearing protection or items alike are not required to be equipped with RFID tags. This makes the CHIPTEX-OSL a clever solution for every situation.

Each employee with a personal badge can retrieve the right items from the system via a user-friendly touchscreen. Quickly and easily, 24/7. Distribution only takes a few seconds per item. Dirty garments are collected by the system. The system can distribute personalized and tailor-made garments at the same time. That is useful for any organization.

The CHIPTEX-OSL works with a credit system. This means that users can never be in possession of more garments than authorized. This enables you to restrict the number of garments in circulation to a minimum, and it helps to prevent loss of garments and other items. The CHIPTEX-OSL offers you clearly-organized management information providing complete control over garments and users. The CHIPTEX-OSL can also be connected to other information systems, such as the laundry service.

One of the many benefits of the CHIPTEX-OSL is that garments, sets and other items are stored in a sealed, dust-free space. This means that employees are also dressed according to regulations.

The CHIPTEX-OSL can be loaded easily. The workwear does not need a reserved place in the system. This means loading can be carried out even faster. Since the RFID tags are registered during loading, the system knows exactly which garments are in stock. This means a load advisory can be ignored and that the correct workwear can be loaded.

The CHIPTEX-OSL runs on CHIPTEX software. It is therefore possible to link to other LCT-Textilligence CHIPTEX solutions and work from one software package.